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Help Ban Declawing in Canada

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Hello Everyone,

I kindly ask where ever you are, who ever you are to please sign this petition & help end declawing in Canada. 

One signature per person
All signatures must be in pen
All information required must be filled
All originals must be mailed to the follow address
Adopt Me Canada
1624 Bloor Street East, Unit 112
Mississauga, Ontario
No photo copies  of the petition will be accepted nor scanned/emailed copies.   

We are pleased to announce Sarah Campbell, MPP for Kenora-Rainy River will be assisting us in efforts to can declawing in Ontario.

We think your AWESOME and cannot thank you enough for believing in the cause. 

A little information on declawing....

Declawing is banned in 38 countries. 

The first thing I want you to do is look at your hand. Take a look at your knuckles & imagine if you had from the knuckle up amputated ( cut off ) and imagine how your life would change.

So let me give you a break down of the procedure.  Most owners only have the front claws removed.  A lot of breeders have all four  ( front/back) removed. Declawing consists of ten separate amputations from the bone.  Essentially we are disabling them. 

Take a look at your hands. See your knuckles? Well imagine losing from the knuckle up.  How well would you be able to function?  Imagine having to walk on the stubs of your fingers. 

Most cats appear to be happy when you pick them up from the vet because they are on pain killers for days.  Don’t believe those youtube videos of a cat who has recovered from a declaw surgery and is jumping around for joy. 

The surgery is usually performed with an instrument, which looks like nail clippers.  Some clinics do have lasers in which are used but really there is no difference.  Perhaps less bleeding with lasers but that’s about it. 

So you are paying to disable your cat.  How can you do this to someone you love? 

I know this article is long but it gives you an insight to the reality behind this act of cruelty. 

Canada needs to be the 39th country who bans this horrific procedure. 

This is what we are doing to our cats/kittens.  This needs to stop.  This is only done for selfish purposes and a lot of pet owners are not educated on the cruelty of this procedure.   There are plenty of alternatives.

Please sign this petition and help make a difference.  I will fight until this bill is passed.

Did you know a large majority of declawed cats end up being re-homed constantly? Due to the phantom pains, arthritis or other associated problems declawed cats tend to urinate or defecated throughout your household.  This act of rebelling may take years to see or may happen immediately.  Most owners think at first it’s a urinary tract infection, kidneys, food or environment change.  After being checked out by a vet and finding out nothing is wrong owners are puzzled.  This is when the re-homing beings, mass emails are sent to rescue groups, some kitties will dumped off at a shelter fibbing about why they are surrendering the cat, kitty may be chucked on the street or placed up on a local site like this one.   

If  I was given an option today to euthanize my cats or declaw them my answer would be to euthanize.  I know it’s a bold statement but I would never ever put them through this act of cruelty. 

What people don’t realize is that there are so many solutions to declawing.  Kitty caps are a great alternative, scratching posts, squirt bottles, duct tape on the corner of your couch. 

I do blame a lot of declawing procedures on vets and lack of information to pet owners.  When you call in to have your cat spayed/neutered you are given the option of declawing.  Owners think well the vet is a professional so I should trust them.  A good vet will educate you on declawing and why you shouldn’t do so. 
As a per owner you should really investigate what you are doing to your cats prior and not just adding on additions because its cheaper while they are under sedation.  It’s not as simple as upgrading your combo to supersize, this rash decision affects their life and possibly yours. 

Still shaking your head? Let me guess you’ve always declawed your cats & never ever had any problems right? It’s just a matter of time before you do.  75 % of declawed cats have behavioral problems.  Keep in mind people who work at shelters or volunteer for rescue groups see higher volumes cats/kittens you will ever see in a lifetime.

So please spread the word, help make a difference and together we can make history.

Thanks for Reading.


Aidez-nous à interdire le dégriffage au Canada


Peu importe l'endroit où vous vivez ou votre personnalité, je vous demande simplement de signer cette pétition afin d'aider à mettre un terme au dégriffage au Canada.

Le dégriffage est déjà interdit dans 38 pays.

La première chose que je vous demande de faire est de regarder votre main, en particulier le bout de vos doigts. Imaginez comment serait votre vie si on vous coupait le bout du doigt jusqu'à la première articulation, c'est-à-dire la phalange distale, et ce pour chaque doigt.

Laissez moi donc vous donner un aperçu du dégriffage, en sachant que la plupart des propriétaires ne font retirer que les griffes des pattes avant de leur chat, tandis que les éleveurs font retirer les griffes des pattes avant et arrière.

Regardez encore votre main et imaginons que vous soyez amputé de la phalange distale, seriez-vous capable d'utiliser votre main ? Alors imaginez ce que çà peut représenter de devoir marcher avec des doigts amputés ...

La plupart des chats semblent être heureux lorsque vous allez les chercher chez le vétérinaire, principalement parce qu'ils sont encore sous l'effet des anti-douleurs. Ne croyez pas ces vidéos sur Youtube dans lesquelles des chats ayant subi un dégriffage paraissent fous de joie.

Le dégriffage est normalement effectué avec un instrument ressemblant à un couple-ongle. Certaines cliniques vétérinaires utilisent des lasers mais çà n'en est pas moins douloureux, à part qu'il y a moins de sang.

Vous payez donc pour rendre votre chat handicapé. Comment pouvez-vous faire cela à un être que vous aimez ?

Je sais que cet article est long mais c'est pour vous donner un meilleur aperçu de la réalité de cet acte cruel.

Le Canada doit être le 39ème pays à interdire cette opération horrible.  

L'image ci-dessus représente ce que vous faites subir à votre chat ou à votre chaton. Ceci doit s'arrêter. Le dégriffage est effectué seulement pour des raisons égoïstes et beaucoup de propriétaires d'animaux ne sont pas mis au courant de la cruauté de cette opération. Il existe plein d'autres alternatives.

Veuillez signer cette pétition et aidez-nous à faire la différence. Je vais me battre jusqu'à ce qu'un projet de loi soit accepté.

Voici le lien de la pétition. Partagez-le et aidez-ceux à qui il manque la parole. Nous devons les représenter par notre voix.

One signature per person All signatures must be in pen All information required must be filled
All originals must be mailed to the follow address

Adopt Me Canada
1624 Bloor Street East, Unit 112 Mississauga,
Ontario L4X-2S2

No photo copies of the petition will be accepted nor scanned/emailed petitions.